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From Voronezh, With Love

Hello friends! I have returned from my unplanned 4/5 month hiatus from writing, even though I was absolutely rubbish at keeping up with it in the first place. Studying and exams, little trips away (I'm still writing that blog post...just assume... Continue Reading →

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Snow, Stress and “Stranger Things”

Happy Sunday my lovelies! I would say Happy New Year, but it's probably a bit late for that. I trust you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. It's been about a month, if not longer, since I've last spoken... Continue Reading →

From Konstanz to Bath and back

Hello friends! It's been a shockingly long time since I've graced you with an update on my time in Germany, but I must say it's come as no surprise. Recently I've been busy with uni work, flitting back and forth... Continue Reading →

Week 2 ~ Konstanz / Meersburg

Hello my loves, I hope you've all had a fantastic week. It has been a month (a month!) since I moved here, and I'm surprised it's gone so quickly. I've taken to measuring time by how quickly The Great British Bake... Continue Reading →

Huge Bookish Birthday Giveaway!

Books, Cups & Candles

Hi again guys, and welcome back to my blog.

Today I wanted to share some details about a huge exciting new giveaway that I’m hosting over on my Instagram page. You can find me there under the name @bookscupsandcandles.


I’m celebrating two things: Firstly, that I’ve reached 5K followers on my Bookstagram account, and Secondly, to celebrate the birth of this blog =)

This is the biggest giveaway that I’ve ever hosted so I’m extra excited. On previous giveaways I’ve asked you what themes you would be interested in, and I discovered that the most popular choices were either, Harry Potter, (no surprises there) and Disney.

They were fun giveaways for sure, but I figured that as popular as these themes were, I couldn’t guarantee to please everyone. Then I thought some more and I figured, ‘Why don’t I set choices for my fellow book lovers’? So this idea was…

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Hello lovelies, and welcome to Follow In My Footsteps! It's taken me a stupidly long time to get around to writing this post, but I have finally done it! This is simply for the purpose of introducing myself, and what I'll... Continue Reading →

Week 1 – Settling into Konstanz

Hallo my lovelies! I apologise for not having posted in a while, I’ve been super busy with language course things and various forms of all-important paperwork. But here I am, and I promise I’ll post more regularly from now on. (I... Continue Reading →

1 week and counting…

Hello my lovelies! Apologies for not having posted last week but I have been super busy sorting things out for next Thursday. Just a quick post to say I am around, and to let you know (as briefly as possible)... Continue Reading →

London 2016, 3 weeks and counting

Hello lovelies! This week's post is a late one, and it will possibly be a double post affair, apologies for this I've just been very busy this week. Between a trip to London (I'll go into that later, it's very... Continue Reading →

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